Why You Should Invest In Your Website Design

Running a successful online business has many facets to it. So, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the volume of information and advice that is available to you at the start of your journey. During this early phase, you may be tempted to randomly invest in lots of different areas such as social media, marketing and advertising, without any real strategy. Yet, all paths lead to one all-important destination and that is your website design. 

Your web design is most crucially what determines whether or not any of your visitors will convert into sales. Without an effective website design, all of your marketing and advertising spending and efforts can be easily diluted or lost. As a professional website design agency, we are experts in developing web pages that are purposeful, beautifully designed and optimised for cost-effective conversion. Here we will look at the formulation process and exactly why this is such a key first step in creating conversions. 

Your website design plan

In the first instance, we will spend some time getting to know you and what it is that you would ideally like to achieve from your website design. This allows us to put together a precise brief to help us focus on what you would like your website design to do and why. This will then translate into how we can best utilise each of your website pages to function for your customers to find you via the usual search engines. 

When someone visits your website design, they want to know three things – what you do, should they trust you and how do they move forward. 

Therefore we must first consider: 

  • Who is your target audience? 
  • What is your business? 
  • What is your websites primary goal? 
  • How do you monetise your website? 
  • What customer experience would you like to provide? 
  • How can this be best represented through your website branding? 

To make the best possible use of the digital space, your website design should act as a highly responsive sales funnel. There are therefore other areas of consideration past web page functionality. Did you know for example that 80% of contemporary website use is via mobile accounts? So, we will need to prioritise this side of your site design. 

Targeting and converting the right audience

In order for your website design to do its job, it will need to be discoverable via search engines by the right people. The right people are your target audience. Search engine optimized copywriting and content writing can remove the need for high quantities of pay per click advertising spend. But in order to ensure that you are optimising your website design for maximum impact, we need to go back to your business plan. 

By carefully considering exactly who your target buyers are and finding your niche, you can optimise your content much more effectively. So, if you already have data from a prior successful website and know what is converting for you, we can put this to very good use. However, if you are just starting out in your business and you do not yet know who your buyers are you benefit from creating theoretical buyer personas

Buyer personas are constructed profiles of people who are likely to use your service – names, ages, why they want your service over another, what problem you are solving for them, and so forth. This will help you to create effective branding for your product or service and enable you to better target specific people. More importantly, you can over time and with some effort eliminate the people you know would not convert into a sale. 

An example eCommerce platform buyer persona: wide fit wedding shoes

Lets say you are a mid-range wide fit wedding shoe eCommerce platform as an example. From this description we can ascertain that all of your shoes are white, they are at an affordable price point and they are only suitable for engaged women with wide feet. We can therefore eliminate from your probable website visitors with some certainty – men, women under 21 or over 60, single people, bargain hunters and anyone who isnt engaged or already married.

Most of this group of website visitors are going to be frantically using search engines for very specific content in the run-up to their big day. So, they are unlikely to find your online store to be relevant if you have a page that is dedicated to getting divorced or making home improvements. The most likely people to make a purchase on your website are the ones searching for how to make the most of their big day. Pinks, whites, pale blues and champagne colours combined with mid-range wedding-related copy is, therefore, your optimal content. 

Memorable website design

Similar to any industry, running a successful online business means that you are going to be up against a lot of competition. So, narrowing this down by gearing your own website content towards a specific buyer persona while extremely helpful will only ever be one facet of this. For your web page design, you will want to balance your company branding with your marketing. You will want to ensure that the website design is truly reflective of your company. But, you dont want a website design that is too busy, or too plain. 

Most established companies will therefore opt for a bespoke professional website design over a cheap template for their online store. While a bespoke web development project will typically take longer to put together and typically cost more in the short term, the long term benefits are huge. Together, we can develop a web design that is lightweight, secure, unique to you and beautifully designed to facilitate scalable business growth. Far too many digital marketing agencies will promise you the world and fail to deliver on your business model requirements. We want and fully anticipate that you will love the finished visual content and aim to exceed your expectations at every stage. 

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