What is Retargeting ?

Retargeting is the holy grail of effective marketing strategy. Statistically only 3% of people who visit your website will spontaneously convert i.e make a purchase , submit a lead form etc.. If you don’t have any remarketing set up the remaining 98% of people who visit your site will simply leave and most likely completely forget about you and since you have most likely paid for that customer in some form of digital marketing campaign you have simply put your money to use and you are not maximising your ROI.

How Does it Work ?

We install a retargeting pixel on your website which is essentially a little piece of code that collects the data of any visitors visiting your site. This allows us to build up audiences of people who have visited your site but more importantly, this data can be further segmented based on the collected data. For example if someone had come to your site from a Facebook ad and added a specific product to their cart but never purchased we can use this data to show them retargeting ads about that specific product, pushing them to finally make that conversion. It sounds simple but retargeting will produce the highest ROI of any marketing campaign because the audiences have already been accustomed to your brand and have already showed interest. If you would like to see just how effective it can be just have a look at this case study where we managed to achieve an 18x ROI on Facebook remarketing campaigns.

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