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Mind Blowing Digital Marketing Results.

The Saski Collection is an Australian activewear brand with a huge social media following and a large volume of customer data. When we were asked to audit their marketing strategy we were able to identify key areas that could be significantly improved with the implementation of new technologies, advanced strategy and data analysis.

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Phase 0
Content Generation and A/B Testing.

The foundation of any successful social media marketing campaign is great content. In the world of social media marketing you have a split second to capture your audiences attention. Through an initial discovery session we were able to identify which type of content historically worked best and using historic customer data we began structuring our content strategy plan. Our design team used a combination of consumer generated content and professional images and video in order to create a vast amount of ad and text variations. We then took this a step further by applying advanced A/B testing techniques in an initial prospecting campaign in order to understand which ad variations in text, image and offer produced the highest conversions rates. Armed with this data we then moved to the next step.


Phase 0
Social Media Marketing Campaign Set Up, Audience Building and Retargeting.

Through our years of success in the e-commerce space we have a proven framework on what works and we understand Facebook’s algorithm more than anyone else after hundreds of hours of testing and spending well into 6 figures on ad spend. Our team crafted a highly structured prospecting campaign driving traffic to the website using advanced targeting methods. Furthermore this populated the retargeting pixel with fresh data. Over 100k users to be exact. This data was further segmented based on data points such as add to carts, products viewed, time spent on site and attribution window amongst many others. Using this data we then created retargeting campaigns which were tailored to each specific retargeting demographic allowing for laser targeted ad reach. Over the course of 1-3 weeks we continually pushed a series of informative ads building trust between the brand and the consumer, pushing them further down the buyer funnel. Finally we hit them with an ad which gives them an offer they couldn’t refuse. A proven structure that we have tested and tweak over years of experience which produced an 18.7x ROI as seen below.


5x ROI prospecting campaign.

100k+ Increase in pixel retargeting audience.

18.7x ROI Facebook marketing campaigns.

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Phase 0
Email Marketing Strategy, Audience Segmentation, Technical Flow Campaign Set Up.

We switched email provider to Klaviyo – the worlds most sophistically advanced email marketing software. The company had managed to collect over 300k emails however the data needed to be analysed and segmented based on data points such as country, demographic, products ordered, lifetime value, average order value, frequency of purchase and how frequently they visited specific pages. Through AI algorithms we were able to break down this list and send highly targeted email campaigns to the right people at the right time. We were also able to take this one step further and use historic data such as order frequency in order to pro-actively anticipate the likely hood of each customer in making another purchase at a specific date in the future allowing us to send relevant content in anticipation of the sale. Throughout the whole process our design team crafted beautiful email templates and created high value content which could be used in our email strategy. Lastly we implemented a highly technical email flow campaign. – essentially an advanced retargeting series of emails sent to specific customers based on specific data points collected when they visited the site. This email strategy now runs on complete automation with email now accounting for up to 40% of monthly revenue.


10x Increase in revenue attributed to email.

200x + ROI in Campaigns.

40% of total revenue now attributed to email marketing.


Klaviyo email marketing web design agency digital marketing commerce

What Our Client Says

Testimonial 2 web design agency digital marketing commerce

When NEO Media approached us we understood straight away that they were a company who really understood e-commerce. We have an in house marketing team who are amazing however we lack the years of experience and technical knowledge that NEO Media could provide. They have completely changed our business and more importantly the knowledge we have gained from them is truly invaluable.

Shelia McCourtney, SASKI Collection

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Through the use of strategy, creative, data and marketing we have truly revolutionised this business and have set them up to become market leaders in boutique online activewear. No matter what industry you are in whether its a local restaurant or a national insurance company the principles of digital marketing that were applied in this case still apply. We are passionate about what we do and we are purely results driven focussing on maximising your return on investment.

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