Google Shopping Ads

What is Google Shopping ?

Google shopping ads is an often overlooked solution for eCommerce store owners to sell their products directly through google. Depending on your product and market it has been proven to be be very effective in achieve a high ROI in many of our clients. Google Shopping Ads appear at the top of the search results, with a product title, price and image.

Getting started on Google Shopping can seem a bit daunting and technical as you will to create a google merchant account along with connecting a dynamic product feed from your eCommerce platform but not to worry we can take all this stress off you by doing it for you!

Before we start any advertising, we ensure that your product feed is fully optimised to meet Google’s requirements. We’ll also work with you to devise strategies based on your business goals and priorities, then we can create advertising campaigns to start driving revenue.

As part of our Google Shopping Ads management, we offer specialist shopping feed optimisation and maintenance to help ensure your feed is performing at its best, so you place ads in front of potential customers

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