Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing may on the surface seem outdated but we apply the latest technologies in order to make it one of your highest automated revenue sources.

It all begins with analysing your current data and segmenting it based on various data points such as gender, demographic, products ordered, lifetime value just to mention a few. Furthermore will install technologies which will add further data points to each email lead allowing to to understand every details of every lead that comes through from the products and services they viewed to how long they spent on your website. Armed with this data we can move on to generating laser targeted campaigns that resonate with anyone receiving them and more importantly – maximise your conversions,

Our design team is able to create high value, eye-catching, hard hitting content for your customers. Instead of your customers dreading the regular promotional email in their inbox that never gets opened they will instead be looking forward to every single email you send them. Its about providing value and building brand loyalty with your customers and theres no better way to do this than via e-mail.

We could go on forever about how else we can utilise email marketing including using the latest AI technologies in predicting future purchases so just get in touch and we can walk you through the whole lot!

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