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We truly believe that if your a business owner then learning the art of social media marketing is an essential skill.

Over the years we have managed well over £1M in Facebook ad spend and after mastering the art of marketing in our own Ecommerce businesses and now for our agency clients, we are finally sharing our years of knowledge and skills through our training academy. Whether you’re a social media pro or just finding your feet, our world-class team of social media professionals we can provide you invaluable knowledge in growing your business. By the end of it, you will have learnt what has taken us years to master.

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Group Training

We hold monthly group training sessions for many of our current agency clients. This is a great way to network and learn at the same time!

1 to 1 Training

The gold standard for mastering social media marketing is with a 1 to 1 programme. By the end of it you should be able to open your own agency if you wanted!


If you are already familiar with running social media ads and just need expert guidance a dn regular mentoring then our consultancy programme is perfect for you.

What will you learn ?

Paid advertising on social media can revolutionise your business if done correctly. We guarantee that investing in our courses and sessions will be one of the best investments you will ever make. By the end of your training, you should have all the skills necessary to master social media marketing or even start your own consultancy business. There’s nothing hidden – we train you on absolutely everything we know after years of experience.

Marketing in general has some broad concepts which you need to understand fully in order to understand how social media marketing works. Here we will introduce you to the real-life marketing concepts and ideas which apply to all marketing campaigns. The ones that actually matter and not the jargon often spieled out by many.

Accounts should be set up to seamlessly interlink with each other. We will guide you through the Facebook professional ads manager platform and how their system works.

Every single successful ad campaign requires a retargeting element. Your ad accounts should seamlessly interlink with your website capturing the IP addresses of all visitors in order to build a retargeting audience. We will show you how to install a tracking pixel into your website and how to collect the data from all your visitors. Without setting up tracking pixels all of your ad spend is going to waste.

Audiences are your most important assets when it comes to marketing. Setting up your audiences correctly and segmenting your data into relevant audiences is key when it comes to your campaign set up. 

Content is king. In today’s world, you have a split second to capture the interest of your prospective audience and therefore your content more often than not will determine the success of your campaigns. As an agency, we have graphic design specialists however we can teach you the ins and outs of using photoshop to create capturing content and Premiere Pro to create amazing video content.

We will also teach you the principles of what good content is and what elements are required in order to create an absolute killer ad campaign.

We will help you navigate around the daunting task of setting up a perfect campaign structure. Facebook allows you to set your campaigns up based on a large variety of objectives including the following:

  • Brand Awareness 
  • Reach 
  • Traffic 
  • Engagement 
  • App Installs 
  • Video Views 
  • Lead Generation 
  • Messages 
  • Conversions 
  • Catalogue Sales 
  • Store Traffic 

We will guide you through each one of these and show you how to take a layered approach to a campaign set up. We will also advise you on which objectives are most suited to your business and goals. 

The amount of data Facebook has on its users is hard to believe but as a marketer… it’s gold. We will take a personalised approach to this in fully understanding your business but more importantly understanding your target audience. Once we have a clear picture of who is most likely to buy your product we can then show you how to laser target your ad campaigns to people who fall within your target demographic. 

In this section we will also show you how to utilise your audiences that you had made previously.

Facebook offers a variety of ad variations from story ads to dynamic product feeds. We will guide you through the pro and cons of each and how to set them up in the ads manager platform. 

For Ecommerce companies, we will show you how to connect your catalogue so that you can dynamically show ads based on the products on your website – a lucrative feature if one correctly.

Retargetting.. The holy grail of marketing. Statistically depending on your industry less than 1% of visitors to your site will convert the first time they land on your website. Without retargeting that person will simply leave your site, never to be seen again and to completely forget about your business. It breaks our heart to see so many clients waste money on ad budget and have absolutely no data collection or retargeting in place. It is essential for digital marketing and without it, you will fail.

In the world of marketing data is your best friend. It’s not enough just to set up your campaigns and let them run you need to continually optimise your campaigns based on h the data that comes in. This is often overlooked and it is a crucial element in maximising your return on investment.

We will show you how to access the data produced by your ad campaigns and how to effectively understand the complicated language of marketing metrics.

Finally, we will show you how to take action on this data and tweak your ads in order to create laser-focused ad campaigns that generate returns you have never seen before.

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Why NEO Media Group ?

Our team was originally part of a highly successful e-commerce group which built and ran several 6-7 figure e-commerce companies before a successful exit in 2019.

We have retained our world class in-house team and we are now offering our knowledge into helping other companies achieve unimaginable growth as the UK’s newest and most disruptive digital agency. We have years of experience in digital marketing and our courses will allow you to not only learn the in and outs of digital marketing but we also share our wisdom and lessons we have learnt through years of managing millions of pounds worth of ad spend.

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