No matter what type of business you have or what industry you’re in, having a website is an essential part of your business and without one, you’re already behind the competition. Having a website means anyone in the world can find out about your business and the products and services you offer and in this day in age its most likely the first point of contact a prospective customer or client will make with your company. I guess if the saying ‘first impressions count’ is true then having a good website is a good place to start!

When it comes to choosing whether to tackle web design yourself, or to hire a web designer it can seem like an easy choice to go it alone. But, this can be time consuming, costly, and potentially destructive in the long term.

In order to stay competitive and gain online traffic there is far more that you need to consider than simply how good your website looks. You need to consider search engine optimisation, load times, user friendly interfaces, responsively to different devices, being adaptable, and staying relevant.

This article discusses why you should seriously consider hiring a professional web designer or web design company for your business.

Bad Website Design is Bad for For Business.

Did you know more than a third of people will leave a website if the layout is unattractive or if your website load speed is more than 2 seconds? It doesn’t matter what the content is. The average attention span of people browsing online is estimated at half a second. This means that first click onto your page is vitally important. It is the difference between a potential client engaging with your business or turning to a competitor.

People respond to good design, why put yourself at a disadvantage?

Get a Website That Stands Out From the Crowd.

There are now countless ‘built it yourself’ website services such as Wix or Squarespace which offer build-your-own tutorials and templates. While many of these are offering a good service, there are limitations to using a format from a pre-determined list, even if there seem to be a lot of choices.

With thousands of people potentially sharing your template and relatively limited customisation available within these, your website will be ‘one of many’.

A web designer can work with your needs and wants to build something completely unique; something that will stand out.

Draw on Expert Web Design Advice and Experience

Pages that are hard to navigate or slow to load are frustrating. Web designers can ensure the media on your page will load quickly and run smoothly should you require animations or other media.

A good web designer will also carry out effective conversion rate optimisation (CRO) on your website. They is where we test lots of different variations of your site from layout to colour schemes and how it affects your websites conversion rate. It true that the simply colour of a button can actually make a difference!

This process is backed by raw data and through year of experience we know exactly where is best to place links and items on your site to optimise the likelihood of engagement from visitors to your page.

When you enlist the help of a web design agency, you will have access to all the design strategists associated. This could include IT support, UI/UX developers, e-commerce experts, marketers and web designers. This is something you just cannot replace with a website builder and YouTube tutorial.

You Want a Website Thats Ahead of Your Competition.

As with design trends in any industry, web design trends are subject to change. In order to keep up with trends and new technology you need to be working with a web designer or web design company who will know these trends inside out.

Always work on the assumption that your competitors have great websites, as you can’t afford to fall behind. We at NEO Media Group will alway conduct market research on all of your top competitors and analyse their site as much as we possibly can in order to ensure that we create something that truly blows your competitors out the park.

Research has also shown consumers prefer to work with technologically advanced companies as it reflect the company as a whole and are put off by outdated websites. Good web design will help you retain customers and lowers the risk of losing potential clients to competitors.

Web Design Strategy Will Realise Your Vision.

When you employ a web design agency you are getting more than just a website. The range of skilled people in their employ will help with understanding the needs and wants of your customers and create an interface which will provide visitors to your site with a sense of satisfaction. This increases the likelihood of future engagement and return visits to your site

Professional web designers will carry out pre-launch testing and make any necessary tweaks as well as supporting you with updates and general user support in after launch.

You Want to Grow Your Business.

A unique and customised website can be completely scalable, grow quickly with your requirements and is responsive to changes in the marketplace.

We use the absolute cutting edge in web design and e-commerce technologies that have limitless scalability and customisation. We work with you from the very beginning to determine which platform would best suit your business goals and how we can accommodate this.

It is important that these factors are address early on as it can prove costly in the future both financially and also in restricting the growth of your company.

If you are not familiar with this term it very simply is the way in which websites are primed to appear higher up on the list of search engine results. Research has shown up to 95% of web traffic comes from the first page of search engine results, with a very low percentage of people bothering to check the second page and beyond. Just think about that for a second…

Good web design will also factor in search engine optimisation techniques and allow your website to be crawled by googles robots in the best way possible. A web designer can assess the keywords and build elements which can make your site appear higher in the search engines. The higher you rank, the more traffic you will get to your website. We have an expert SEO team who have years of experience in this space which knowledge in both so called ‘white hat’ and ‘black hat’ techniques.

You Want to Save Money.

As with many creative and digital service offerings, the perceived cost is what puts people off. However, the return on investment far outweighs any upfront costs. The limitations not having custom design, functionality, conversion rate optimisation, SEO and customer experience are endlessly worth it and in many cases the difference between a good website and a bad one can determine the success or failure of your business. This is particularly true in eCommerce. Having said this we can always adapt our services to the clients budget and we can offer attractive interest payment options in order to make your web design more affordable.

When using an agency you also gain access to other services like content marketing and graphic design which are not available in website builders.

It’s Not Just about Good Web Design

f your building a brand or a business your website is just one aspect of your overall digital strategy and simply having a good website is not enough to succeed in todays world. A digital agency should not only be able to create you an amazing website but they also be able be experts in digital marketing and understand how both your marketing efforts and your website synergistically work with each other in order to provide the best return on your investment.

You’re Time Is Valuable

It is your business, your time is valuable. Not only will hiring a web designer save you time on the build itself but, when you have a responsive, digitally ergonomic website working for you that has great user experience with integrated automated functions, less time needs to be spent on marketing, data capture and customer service and you can focus on what really matter.

So, what now?

There is no better investment for your business than an outstanding website. In this highly competitive age you simply can’t afford to be one of many. Only a professional web designer or web design company can offer all the elements to create an engaging website which will reflect your brand, your professionalism and garner trust from both existing and potential clients

At NEO Media Group we pride ourselves on innovative and engaging design and strategy. We provide an very personal and bespoke approach from the very moment you make contact with us and our world class team is capable of taking on any project no matter how big or small.

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